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Our School

To Community:

Welcome to Talaee  Al-Noor International School. The beginning of each school year is an opportunity to reflect upon personal goals and expectations. It is my hope that all TANIS stakeholders will work toward and achieve their highest potential in all endeavors. We look forward to assisting everyone in fulfilling his/her educational goals.

To Parents:

At Talaee  Al-Noor International School, we believe that parents are most important. Before your children came to school you taught them to walk, talk, play and look after themselves. You taught them by example, encouragement and instruction, as well as by doing things together. Being part of the School Community, we present an exciting, challenging and rewarding time for all. We strongly support and encourage your participation, as it is well recognized that the degree of interest, interaction and cooperation between family and school is extremely important in the development of a child’s full potential at school. Talaee  Al-Noor  International schools

History of the Facility

Talaee  Al-Noor international School was dedicated and officially established as a comprehensive school in September 2012. Designed to accommodate 500 students, Talaee  Al-Noor International school   began with 150 students from pre KG to KG2.

According to the original architectural proposal, the design of  Talaee  Al-Noor  International School is based on the purpose to accommodate students and staff members, in airy spacious rooms, which are well equipped with technology and other sensorial. The commons functions as a Prayer room, Art room, TV room and a Computer lab for students.

About the School

Talaee  Al-Noor   International schools was established in 2011  in Al-Mansoura Quarter to give a chance for its inhabitants to get their international education. The mission and vision of the school clarifies the purpose of its establishment.

Now Talaee  Al-Noor   International schools is becoming one of  the most  well-reputable international schools in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. The school is well known for its professional administration and staff. Activities and recreation is  one of the best characteristics of the school.

Talaee Al-Noor   International schools offers a country setting, a warm, relaxed atmosphere, a close-knit community of parents, children, and educators, and a program that balances joyful scholarship, independent thinking and research, curiosity, creativity, and imagination.

The school has equipped all the classrooms with smart boards and laptops. Classrooms are found on the first, second & third floors. The playground is spacious and has designated areas for a variety of sports and activities including soccer, basketball for functions such as Parents’ Days & sports tournaments. A canteen is located there for students & teachers.

Faculty and Staff

The school pays much attention to its staff  by holding many training workshops . Teachers are an important part of the school. Our strategy is to upgrade our teachers to  occupy the administrative jobs at school.


Our school is committed to encouraging the best in its students, staff, and community. We aim to nurture a passion for knowledge, sport, creativity, and vocational skills.


Our vision is  toenable each student to achieve their potential  through an integrated curriculum and  a good learning environment  that maximize their  talents and  expertise .

Our beliefs:

  • Applying a student-center approach to learning

  • Building a ‘Culture of Achievement’

  • Focusing on continuous improvement and shared accountabilities

  • Promoting team work and cooperation among students  and staff

  • Maintaining and welcoming grounds and facilities

  • Developing partnerships with parents and community

  • Appreciating  and celebrating diversity

  • Encouraging  self-development and upgrading.



Our shared values are:

  • Respect

  • Honesty

  • Responsibility

  • Achievement.

School Administration


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